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New shock absorbing horse leads

A new innovation in lead rein design The Shock Absorbing Lead rope provides a cushioning effect and stretches to cushion a horse's resistance, greatly reducing the explosive behavior displayed at the end of a taut rope.

A short braided rubber strap, where the lead attaches onto the halter with a 316 grade stainless steel clip, acts as a heavy-duty elasticised shock absorber which takes the impact of a horse's sudden reaction, without compromising the handler's control and safety.

Shock absorbing lead ropes are recommended when transporting horses in a float or truck as the elasticised lead allows the horse to lower his head which significantly decreases the risk of travel sickness.

This patent pending design, while designed for the horse's safety, puts the handler's safety first as the Shock Absorber Lead protects the handler's hands, arms and shoulders from being wrenched. While safety is paramount, it still allows for fluid movement, without compromising the handler's control.

Cotton Leads

The ideal lead for young horses that have yet to respect the confines of being led.

Safe Caps

Check out our new and improved star picket safety caps for horses and livestock.

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