Safe Caps for Star Pickets

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Star pickets (also known as star stakes and Y posts) are a secure and cost-effective way of fencing for horses and livestock, and barricading No Entry zones on building sites and areas under construction.

The danger of star pickets happens when driving them into the ground which often burs and deforms the top edges of the stake, making them sharp, and increasing the risk of injury if a person or animal comes in contact with the exposed picket.

The industry standard for safety with star pickets and Y posts is to fit a plastic cap to the end of the stake to prevent any risk of accidental injury or impaling.

The Safe Cap Difference

The innovative new design is a huge improvement on the old plastic caps, as this new improved Safety Cap has 3 panels. All the panels come in a range of reflective colours, while the sturdy top lid provides protection from the top of the stake. This unique lid allows the Safety Cap to be wrapped around a star picket and clipped together without the need to remove the top fence wire.

Now, unclip the top section of the Safety Cap, and the reflectors can be clipped to the star picket at any level for optimum visibility. Moreover, the distinctive wrap-around feature of the reflector panels ensures clear visibility from any direction.

Watch our video on how easy it is to install Safe Caps For Star Pickets and Y Posts.

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